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From trends and advances in technology to workers redefining when and where they want to work, there are many opportunities for corporate and nonprofit leaders to stretch themselves and their organizations to better meet the changing times. Nowhere is this more true than in HR. For one, what is and isn’t acceptable in the workplace environment constantly changes to keep up with shifting social mores. HR and senior leadership need to be aware of these evolutions in thought and how they affect their own companies in order to stay successful moving forward. Philosophies on how to motivate employees have shifted dramatically over the years, and that’s not to mention the technological evolution that has come over the last few decades.

So what can forward-thinking executives and HR professionals do to adapt to all of these changes? The answer is both simple and complex. Simply put, it’s time for your organization to employ smarter HR practices in order to enact positive transformation. The more complicated answer will be forthcoming in this ebook. Here, we will break down some adjustments you can make in order to implement transformational and smarter HR in your organization.