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We provide HR and coaching solutions for organizations who want to tap into the on-demand talent economy by growing or augmenting their internal teams with expert talent. Gain flexibility while reducing complexity.

Our Diverse Experience

We understand the evolving needs of business and how work is changing. We also know the important role the HR function plays. Our GigTalent Certified Consultants™ and coaches bring deep knowledge and expertise in all functions of HR from compliance to the over-arching people strategy.

“We realized that being an outsider allowed her to rethink things in ways that we were always blocked by having long-term insiders doing the work. The consultant showed bravery and courage to speak. She was fearless in saying what needed to be said…even if it wasn’t always flattering. So, there was an element of right, a truth-teller, a sense maker. ”

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On-Demand HR Talent

Whether you are a consultant, coach, or client, being a member of the Gig Talent community has its privileges.

for Consultants

We match your expertise with relevant work, giving you the freedom to work on the jobs you will enjoy doing.

We help you increase your reach and visibility by presenting and showcasing you to our clients. You are in control of choosing the work you’re passionate about.

Being a GigTalent Certified Consultant™ allows you to be part of a larger community so you are fully supported to do the work you know and love.

We take care of the administrative hassles so you don’t have to waste any time! This includes billing and vendor compliance.

for Clients

We understand the evolving needs of business and how work is changing. We also know the important role the HR function plays.

We provide you with hand selected, qualified GigTalent Certified Consultants™ and Coaches who are individually matched to meet your specific needs.

The advantages of working with a GigTalent Certified Consultant™ include reduced complexity, mitigation of co-employment risk and low agency fees.

Leverage diverse knowledge, backgrounds, perspectives and experience by tapping into the on demand talent economy.

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Benefits of Becoming a Consultant

GigTalent Certified Consultants™ and Coaches are an experienced group of consultants who uphold the highest ethical standards and stand out among the competition. As a GigTalent Certified Consultant™, you can have the flexibility and freedom to work on the projects you want where your skills and experience will be valued. We provide you with support to maximize your consulting or coaching practice by reviewing our clients’ HR needs, matching them to your strengths, and helping you negotiate and contract so that you are off and running.


A GigTalent Certification is a differentiator in the marketplace and will give you a competitive advantage over your peers. This not only validates your knowledge and credibility as a consultant or coach, but allows you to be part of a larger community where you can showcase your talent. Apply Here

Be In Control

You are in control of creating the work environment you want. While we are actively collaborating with you during the process, you have the opportunity to choose work you’re passionate about.

Maximize Your Rates

We work to ensure you maintain your bill rates and often work to help you get more by representing your value to prospective clients. If we place you with a client, Gig Talent only keeps 20%. This is 10-20% lower than most agencies. This means you get paid more than if you work through other firms.

Sales & Marketing

We act as an extension of your sales and marketing by connecting you with various opportunities that align with your skills and experience, so you can focus on the work you love.

No-Hassle Billing

Once you are placed and working, you shouldn’t have to worry about tracking down payment. You will invoice Gig Talent and we will invoice the client. Our team will follow-up with the client to ensure payment, freeing you up to effectively partner with the client.

Be A Star

We love featuring our GigTalent Certified Consultants™ and Coaches on social media as well as on our website. We do this in a few ways including highlighting your writing, pictures, interviews and videos. Gain exposure while showcasing your talent.

About Us

Known as authentic, transformational business leaders, Co-Founders Hema Crockett and Jamie Jacobs believe that people should do what they love and love what they do. Synthesizing decades of combined experience as business and HR executives across a broad range of companies and industries, Hema and Jamie provide their vast consultant and client base with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Known as strong advocates for the Gig Economy, Hema and Jamie are sought after speakers on the evolution of talent strategy and leadership. Their latest award-winning book Designing Exceptional Organizational Cultures is available on Amazon and anywhere books are sold.

We love custom projects!

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